Ubersuggest Keyword Tool Tactics

The brilliance of Google?  Catching people when they are ready to buy.

Now we just need to find search phrases that are dripping with query intent that says, "I'm getting ready to buy now."

Here's a quick update on how to use Ubersuggest to find New Niches and "I'm Ready to Buy Now" keywords.  Also, here's a link to a new tool that's even better than Ubersuggest: Keyword Researcher.

1. Find New Niches

These people are basically looking to be convinced to do something.  When you provide solid information about their topic they are more likely to buy from you.

This image and this tactic come from a blog that's run by Glen Allsop.  He's unique.  Glen has the chops to make a living at affiliate marketing, yet he's also had articles published on more traditional blogs such as  See the Resources section below for a link to Glen's article.

Here's another example:

Instead of typing "benefits of" into Google and seeing only a handful of results, placing stem queries like "benefits of" into Ubersuggest will produce a list of hundreds of keywords, and can reveal new niche markets.

2. Discover New Keywords

Great examples to try are:
  • benefits of getting [your product or service]
  • benefits of owning [your product or service]
  • benefits of being [your product or service]
  • benefits of having [your product or service]
  • benefits of doing [your product or service]
With Ubersuggest a personal trainer can discover over 300 search phrases, like these:

3. Better than Ubersuggest

There's a new kid in town - Keyword Researcher.

It's better than Ubersuggest because you can download the keywords you discover and paste them into the AdWords Keyword Tool to see search volumes.  You can't export keywords from Ubersuggest.

Keyword Researcher has some other outstanding features too.

Here's a video on Keyword Researcher that sounds like it was narrated by a kid - a very SMART kid.

You can get a free trial version to play with, or a fully featured version for only $49 (one time fee) by going the Keyword Researcher website.

If you like keyword research I think you'll like this new tool.

Resources for You

Try out the new Keyword Researcher tool free.

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