Low Competition Keywords: The Techie's Guide to SEO

What would you say is the biggest mistake companies make regarding SEO?

Hiring that hipster from San Francisco?

Not doing any SEO at all?

I say the biggest mistake is this: Trying to rank on the first page of Google for a search phrase that's too competitive. You can avoid costly publicity and link building campaigns that are required to rank if you find ultra low competition search phrases to write about. These often require few links to rank, and occasionally no links at all.

This article is a technical guide that explains how to find LOW COMPETITION search phrases.  Do this and you will appear on the first page of Google's regular search results more often.

If you want a little background first, here's a Moz article on keyword research, and here's one from Brian Clark.

Your Target Audience: What Do Customers Really Want?

This Company Understands Me!
The single most important thing to know about writing for the web is revealed in the answer to this question:  What do your customers really want?

One way to discover exactly what your target audience wants is to use a common Google AdWords report.

Ubersuggest Keyword Tool Tactics

The brilliance of Google?  Catching people when they are ready to buy.

Now we just need to find search phrases that are dripping with query intent that says, "I'm getting ready to buy now."

B2B Lead Generation - You Can Double Revenue

There was once a radiologist who had the respect of every surgeon.  A professor isolated the secret of his success:  After reading an x-ray and making a diagnosis, the radiologist would put a note in his calendar.

Months later the radiologist would see that note, call the surgeon and ask how the patient was doing.

Marketing Campaigns - David Ogilvy Style

David Ogilvy - Writer, Advertiser, One of My Heroes
Our web pages are like full page ads.

Here David Ogilvy describes how he does it.  Analytics, data and research play a big role.

Ubersuggest - Find New Keywords

Ubersuggest keyword tool screenshotWhen I walked in the door I met Dave.  He managed AdWords for a successful web company.  Immediately he started talking about keywords.

Then Lorna, the Marketing Director, stopped by.  Right away she started talking keywords.  She wanted new keywords for SEO.

Top 3 Killer Tactics to Manage Google AdWords

With AdWords there are only three things going on.  The user types a search query, your ad appears, and a click takes the user to your landing page.

With good AdWords account management, it's common to double the results you get from AdWords while keeping monthly spending constant.  Simply optimize these three things.

Google Instant - Analytics Will Tell All

"Google Instant" was announced with fanfare at a fancy press conference in San Francisco - at the Museum of Modern Art.
Sergy Brinn Answers a Reporter's Question

Google Representatives Take Questions from the Press

Actionable Insights. Do They Really Exist?

I'm Going to Optimize!
Suppose you find a page with a high bounce rate.  What are you going to do?

Does web analytics data really contain any actionable insights?

Do You "Get" SEO?

SEO Alert!  The first excellent book on SEO was just published.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Secrets is by Danny Dover, who worked as a Lead SEO at SEOmoz.  It describes advanced SEO techniques for auditing and optimizing a website.

Avinash Tag Cloud Mug

This great coffee mug has a Tag Cloud made with words from the excellent web analytics blog by Avinash Kaushik.

If you buy one all profits go straight to the Audubon Society, an organization that helps birds and the environment.  Global Warming: Get the Facts

Analytics for Your SEO Team

Your AdWords ads have a click through rate of 2%, right?  Perhaps some of your ads have a better click through rate, maybe 5%.

The page at the top of the organic results has a 40% click through rate.

It's important to realize that for every 100 times a phrase is searched for, the site with the AdWords ad at the top of the stack will only get clicked on a few times, whereas the page that appears at the top of the organic results will get clicked on about 40 times.

For every 100 searches, do you want 2 visitors, or 40?
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