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Ubersuggest keyword tool screenshotWhen I walked in the door I met Dave.  He managed AdWords for a successful web company.  Immediately he started talking about keywords.

Then Lorna, the Marketing Director, stopped by.  Right away she started talking keywords.  She wanted new keywords for SEO.

It didn't stop!  The conversation kept coming back to Keyword Discovery - the very first step in creating a website or a new web page, and a topic that's always of interest.  Here's what we talked about....

September 30, 2014 UPDATE:
This is better than Ubersuggest:

1. Keyword Discovery Method #1: Google's Tool

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is free.  It looks like this:

Best practices for using the AdWords Keyword Tool:
  • Always be logged in.  You'll see more keyword suggestions.
  • Always check the "Exact" match box (and uncheck the "Broad" match box).  This way you'll see estimates for the number of times the Exact keywords in the list are searched for each month.

2. Keyword Discovery Method #2: Ubersuggest

The source of keywords that Ubersuggest shows you is Google Suggest:

This is Google Suggest in Action

Ubersuggest shows you what people see while they type queries into Google.  For example, suppose they type "apple" followed by a second word that starts with "a" or "b"....

An Example of Ubersuggest

When a person types "Apple" and the second word of their query starts with "a," Google shows a drop down list of suggested queries.  You can see the top ten queries Google will suggest in the image above.

Since there are 26 letters in the alphabet, Ubersuggest will show you about 260 search phrases.

I love Ubersuggest because:
  • It displays keywords that Google shows as people type their Google search
  • It often displays keywords that are completely off your competitors' radar so there will be far less competition to rank high in Google's search results.

3. Why Suggested Keywords are Ultra Important

Google places them directly in front of searchers.  It's that simple.  Often people abandon their original query and pick one of Google's suggestions.

Suppose someone starts typing this search phrase into Google:

     cat food for finicky cats

As they type Google shows suggested queries:

Before they've finished typing their query (cat food for finicky cats) some people will take the bait and pick "cat food advisor."  Google Suggest has just hijacked their original query idea.

You can have the best web site in the world about "cat food for finicky cats" and rank #1 for it too.  Yet many people who start to type that search will instead pick one of Google's suggestions.  If you don't have pages about these suggestions you won't appear in the search results.

Keyword discovery is a hot topic for Dave and Nora, yet it's tedious to get ideas by entering partial searches into Google and looking at Google's drop down list of suggestions.

Ubersuggest provides a better way.


Ubersuggest:  Here's a link to Ubersuggest.

Keyword Research:  Here's a link to SECockpit, the best keyword research tool I've used.  It includes Google Suggest keywords and a whole lot more.

Fun: A present for your Analytics Ninja - this coffee mug.  All profits to the Audubon Society.
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